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Coaching at Hastings Community Little League

Hastings Community Little League recognizes and thanks our coaches for their commitment to both our league and players each year. Without their involvement, we could not offer our baseball programs. 

Being a manager or coach requires time, patience, and basic knowledge of the game of baseball.  They have more interaction with our players than anyone else in our league, and therefore, it is important that all coaches understand the goals and virtues of the our program in order to effectively communicate them to your players.

HCLL coaches will understand that they are not only teaching the game of baseball; they are teaching valuable lifelong lessons that carry far beyond the field into the classroom, the home, and will stay with their players as they mature and develop. These life lessons include teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, responsibility and selflessness. Coaches will have their players, and team as a whole, focus on effort and personal improvement, rather than simply on winning or losing.

Our coaches help players realize that mistakes are inevitable and an important part of the learning process, and that the key to success is being able to bounce back from mistakes with renewed determination. The goal is to have players gain a sense of control over their own development and confidence in their ability to succeed – on and off the field.

Coaching Application Process
Steps you will need to take in order of priority to apply:
  1. Register to become a Manager/Coach HERE. Please note that if you do not have a profile on our registration module, you will need to set one up before you can apply;
  2. Complete a Little League Volunteer Application Here and email the form to president@hcll.ca;
  3. Complete a Criminal Record Check Here using the HCLL access code NRQZ68BJSC 
  4. If you have not done so, complete your NCCP Initiation Coach Online Module (Code will be provided by HCLL)
If you have any further questions please contact Kevin Clegg at president@hcll.ca

Coaching Resources
HCLL will provide our coaches with all the resources, training  and support they require before and during the season. This will be covered in more detail at the coaches meeting prior to the start of the season.

NCCP Coaches Training
HCLL has partnered with Baseball Canada in order to provide our coaches with access to their National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The program includes a combination of online training and clinics available for various age groups which are offered throughout the year. When you take an NCCP course online or attend a clinic, you'll gain baseball technical abilities as well as leadership and decision-making skills with the goal of making you a more effective baseball coach.

The completion of an NCCP ONLINE TRAINING MODULE is mandatory for all coaches in all divisions at Hastings Community Little League.

Instructions for NCCP online training

1) Obtain an NCCP Access ID # by sending an e-mail to Kin Mak at registrar@hcll.ca

2) REGISTER first on the NCCP site at: https://nccp.baseball.ca/register.php.  Fill in all the required fields and leave NCCP Number BLANK and enter "HCLL" as local association.

3) Complete the course.

Criminal Record Check Process
HCLL requires a completed Criminal Record Check for all Team Coaches prior to the start of each season, whch includes team practices. HCLL will not accept Criminal Record Checks completed for other organizations.

Coaches can apply for a criminal record check online (Option 1 below) OR apply in person at an RCMP detachment or Vancouver Police office (Option 2 below).

OPTION 1 - Apply Online for Criminal Record Check
All coaches can apply for a Criminal Record Check through a secure online link to the Ministry of Justice (BC Government) website. Apply online by going to:  https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/ Follow the steps provided to request a Criminal record Check. You will be asked to provide an access code for Hastings Community Little League which is NRQZ68BJSC.

When applying online, please pay attention to the specifics on the multiple choice questions related to your financial status. Once again it is a totally secure site through the BC Govt.

Even if you do apply online, you STILL may be asked to visit an RCMP detachment office or the Vancouver Police department in order to complete your application or to provide a fingerprint sample. If you need to attend in person for whatever reason, then please bring a copy of the the HCLL Authorization Letter that can be accessed by clicking here: Criminal Record Check Authorization Letter  You can see the addresses for the Vancouver Police Department and RCMP offices by clicking here: Criminal Record Check Process.

OPTION 2 - Apply In Person for Criminal Record Check
If you choose to apply in person, then Vancouver residents must apply with the Vancouver Police Department and Burnaby residents must apply with the RCMP. To see the instructions for obtaining and submitting a criminal record check in person, please click here: Criminal Record Check Process.  To see and print the HCLL Authorization Letter which must be presented in person to either the Vancouver Police Department or RCMP, please click here:  Criminal Record Check Authorization Letter.

If the completed Criminal Record Check is returned to you, please drop off or mail to: Attention: Safety Officer, Hastings Community Little League, 3096 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 2A3.

 The Vancouver Police Department does charge a fee which will be reimbursed by HCLL - please submit a receipt to: Attention: Safety Officer, Hastings Community Little League, 3096 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 2A3.

Coaches Code of Conduct
Hastings Community Little League requires that all coaches adhere to our Coaches Code of Conduct at all times. Any violation of this Code of Conduct could result in either a temporary suspension or ejection from the league. You can review the Coaches Code of Conduct by clicking on the following link: Coaches Code of Conduct.

Coaches Meetings
Coaches Meetings for Rookie, Minor and Major divisions will take place at the player drafts scheduled in early March. A coaches meeting for all Blastball and T-Ball coaches will also be scheduled in mid-March. 

Player Drafts for Rookie, Minor and Major Divisions
Player drafts for the 2018 season will be held at the Hastings Community Centre (James Cork Room on Lower Level) - 3096 E. Hastings Street and are scheduled as follows:

Major Division Draft - TBD
Minor Division Draft - TBD
Rookie Division Draft - TBD


Parent Game Duties
Each parent is required to particpate in performing game duties during the season. These game duties are assigned by the Team Manager/Coach or Team Parent and will vary for any specific game depending on whether you are designated as the home or away team as noted below.

a) Game Duties for Minor and Major Divisions:

Home Team:

1) Field Set-Up (Arrive 1 Hour before Game) - Rake and line field, setup bases, open scorebooth and setup speakers. Put up sponsor banners on outfield fence (first game on weekends only).
2) Scoreboard and Announce Players (Arrive 20 minutes before game).
3) Scorekeeper (Arrive 30 minutes before game).
4) Sell 50/50 Tickets (Arrive 30 minutes before game)
Away Team:
1) Pitch Count (Arrive 20 minutes before game)
2) Concession (Arrive 30 minutes before game)
3) Barbecue (Arrive 30 minutes before game)
4) Field Clean-Up for the last game each day - Rake field, put away bases and field equipment, lock scorebooth, put away speakers, put away barbecue. For last game on weekends, also put away sponsor banners.

You can see a copy of the "Parent Game Duty Scheduling Form" on the highlighted link below under "Coaching Resources and Documents" which includes a description of all game duties for Rookie, Minor and Major divisions. You can also download this form and use it to schedule and track game duties during the season.

For Interlock home games, the HCLL team is responsible for assigning all HOME and AWAY game duties for HOME games at Hastings and Falaise fields.

a) Game Duties for Rookie division:

Home Team:

1) Field Set-Up (Arrive 1 hour before game) - Rake and line field and setup bases.
2) Scorekeeper (Arrive 30 minutes before game).

Away Team:

1) Field Clean-Up - Rake field and put away bases, pitching arm and field equipment in equipment container. Lock equipment container.

c) Game Duties for T-Ball divisions:

Home Team:
Rake and line field and setup bases.

Away Team:
Rake field and put away bases and field equipment in equipment container. Lock equipment container.

Dugouts for both teams:
Organize the players and manage batting order.

Parent duties for each game will be assigned by your team coach or team parent.
Scheduling Umpires for Games

For the Minor and Major divisions, both plate and base umpires will be scheduled by the League Umpire Coordinator for each game.

For the Rookie division, the coach of the home team will schedule a plate umpire and base umpire for each game.
It is recommended that Umpires are contacted and scheduled at least one week in advance.To download and/or print a copy of the 2016 Rookie Umpire List, click on the following link:

Player Safety

The safety of all players at Hastings Community Little League is a priority for all our volunteers, coaches, umpires and parents. Please review our league safety manual (link below) which describes all our policies and rules regarding player safety.

Coaching Resources and Documents
Coaching resources and documents to assist you in coaching at HCLL can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted links below.

Coaches may also want to consider using TeamSnap which is a free online service that allows for easier communication with your team. You can sign-up at: www.teamsnap.com.


Coaches Manual
- Covers all aspects of coaching at HCLL.

Safety Manual - League safety policies and rules.

Sample Parent Letter - Sample Introductory letter to parents.

Team Parent Duties - Outline of duties for Team Parent.

Major and Minor Game Duty Scheduling Form - Schedule and track parent game duties for MINOR and MAJOR divisions.

Rookie Game Duty Scheduling Form - Schedule and track parent game duties for ROOKIE division.

Scoreboard Operating Instructions

Field Preparation and Clean-Up Instructions for Hastings Field

Field Lining Instructions - How to line the baseball field for games.

Division Game Rules

Blastball Game Rules

T-Ball Division Game Rules

Rookie Division Game Rules

Minor Division Game Rules

Minor Division Interlock Game Rules

Major Division Game Rules

Major Division Interlock Game Rules

Playoff Rules for Rookie, Minor & Major Divisions 

Practice Plans and Coaching Tips

Practice Plan
 for Rookie, Minor & Major Divisions.

Practice Plan and Tips for T-Ball

Little League Coach Resource Centre - Link to Little League International Coaching Resource Centre. Register for access to coaching tips and baseball practice drills.

Coaching Parents - Some tips from Cal Ripken on how to engage parents and set the tone for a positive baseball season.

Pitfalls to Avoid as a Coach - Potential pitfalls to avoid as a coach.

Common Coaching Mistakes - Solutions to common coaching mistakes

Scorekeeping for Rookie, Minor and Major Divisions

Scorekeeping Overview - Covers all aspects of scorekeeping.

Scorekeeping Tutorial - Online resources for scorekeeping.