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Hastings Community Little League (HCLL) is a volunteer run organization and all our coaches, umpires and league officials are volunteers. We also have parents heavily involved at all games handling things such as field preparation, concession duty, selling 50/50 tickets, scorekeeping etc. All our volunteers and parents give their time to provide a healthy and wholesome family oriented baseball program for the children of our community.

Many of our volunteers are parents of existing players, but Hastings Little League is also extremely fortunate to have many volunteers whose children have graduated, whose children aren't yet old enough to play or who don’t have children of their own. Without their ongoing dedication to HCLL, we would not be able to offer and maintain the quality of our baseball program at a reasonable cost for families.

We gratefully acknowledge here the ongoing commitment and support of many volunteers, past and present, who have dedicated so many years and hours of their time to Hastings Community Little League. We are referring to them as our Volunteer Legends at HCLL.

Vito Bordignon– Vito coached  in the Major division from 1983 to 2016 and was Treasurer at HCLL from 1995 to 2015. he has managed a team in the Major division since 1996. Vito played at HCLL from 1973 to 1978 and started coaching with his brother Angelo in 1983. Vito has also been the Major All-Star team manager since 1999 where he has had much success including three Provincial and Canadian Little League Championships in 2009, 2012 and 2016 when the HCLL All-Star teams represented Canada at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Scott and Grace Browning – Scott and Grace first got involved in volunteering at HCLL in 1973 and stayed active until 2016. Scott initially got involved after being asked by a neighbor to help coach because of his softball background. Scott both coached and umpired and served as a Vice President. Grace was head scorekeeper for many years and also served as President of the league. Grace was also part of a Ladies auxiliary that ran the concession stand - first from a table with a coleman stove and then onto a revamped Trailer. Scott and Grace were also involved with building a small shed on the property leading up to the concession stand that is there today.  

Jack Chow - Jack first got involved at HCLL as a coach in 1998 and also served as Umpire in Chief for many years. Jack continues to umpire many games at HCLL each season.
Jim Gregor – Jim has volunteered at HCLL since 1967 when he coached a Major team and then continued to coach teams in the Minor division for 5 years. He eventually went on to coach the Junior (13 year olds) team and ran the entire program at HCLL. Over the years, Jim has held almost every Board position at one time or another and was twice President of the league for a total of 5 years. Jim also took our first team to the Provincials in 1988. He was also the Umpire-in-Chief at HCLL and umpired for many years.
Jim is probably best known as the “50-50 man”. Over the years, he has likely helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for various Little League organizations around the province. Many leagues have asked him to head up their 50-50 programs for various District, Provincial and National tournaments. Jim led the 50-50 program and team for the 2001 Little Mountain and 2006 Whalley Little League National Championship tournaments. Last year, he played a major role in assisting with the 50-50 program at the Provincial Little League Championship tournament in Trail.

Bob Hicks – Bob started volunteering at Hastings with his oldest son in 1990. He was involved in various volunteer activities over the years until 2015  including helping to coach his younger son in T-Ball. Many people would recognize Bob with the many days he has spent running the barbecue at games over the years. Given all the time he spent behind the barbecue, he earned the nickname “Barbecue Bob” at Hastings 

Dave Izatt – Dave was a long time board member at HCLL and was Ground Maintenance Coordinator from 2001 to 2016. He initially got started helping to cut the grass and at the preseason work party. He quickly took control and has did great work maintaining the  field in excellent condition for baseball each season. Dave also coordinated all our league hats, shirts, sponsorship banners and league pin designs each season. Dave was also a Co-Vice President from 2006 to 2011and played a key role in the efforts to upgrade the field at Hastings Field for the 2016 National Championship Tournament.

Dave Jenkins – Dave was the President at HCLL from 2009 to 2013. He first got involved as a coach with his son’s team in 2006 and continued to coach until 2009. He joined the Board in 2008 as Tournament Director and replaced Richard Saunders as league President in 2009. Dave devoted a lot of time and effort into working with our volunteers, parents, coaches and community partners which led to great success at all levels of play and a growing enrollment of players. During his time as president, Hastings sent two teams to the Little League World Series in Williamsport.

Kerry Kilbride – Kerry was a long time board member at HCLL. He first got involved as a coach when his daughter started playing at Hastings in 1985 and since then held various positions with the league including Vice president, Major Coordinator and Umpire in Chief until 2015. He started umpiring in 1999 and in 2012 was chosen to be an Umpire at the Canadian Little League Championship tournament in Edmonton. 

James Krickan - James started coaching at HCLL in 1999 when his oldest son started T-Ball and continued coaching until 2008. James was also the Rookie Umpire in Chief in 2008 and also has held many other positions including -  Vice President of Operations, Equipment Coordinator, Scorekeeping Coordinator, Uniform Coordinator, Draft Coordinator and Member at Large.

Zoe Krickan - Zoe started volunteering at HCLL in 1999 when her oldest son started playing T-Ball. She has held numerous board positions over the years including Scorekeeping Coordinator, Concession Coordinator, T-Ball Coordinator, Rookie Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. She also played a leading role in introducing the Blastball program to HCLL.

Evelyn Larocque – Evelyn was a board member and Concession Coordinator at HCLL. Evelyn volunteered from 1999 to 2015. Evelyn held a number of positions including Umpire in Chief for Rookie Division, Major Coordinator and Board Secretary. 

Corrina Latimer - Corrina started volunteering at Hastings with her oldest son in 1990 and her youngest son finished playing in 2007. She was  involved in various volunteer activities up until 2015. Corrina has also previously served as the secretary on the HCLL Board. 

Egidio Pasin – Egidio is currently a board member and the Umpire in Chief at HCLL. He also umpires many games each season both in league and All-Star competition. Egidio played at HCLL from 1973 to 1977 and returned in 2004 when his son Luca started to play at Hastings. He took on coaching responsibilities, and then in 2009 tried umpiring. He was bitten by the view from the behind the plate and has remained there since.
Morrie Rentmeester – Morrie coached at Hastings from 1960 to 1965 and then went on to be an umpire until his passing in 2007. He also served as Assistant District Administrator for the Little League BC District 6 for four years. In recognition of his many years of volunteering, Morrie received the Little League Roll of Honour award. He was also a very active volunteer with the Canadian Soccer Association. Morrie is remembered as someone who cared greatly for fairness in the game of baseball and was highly respected as an Umpire as well.

Fred Ritchie – Fred Ritchie was a very dedicated volunteer who spent 15 years in various roles and was heavily involved in promoting HCLL starting in 1972. Fred was completely committed to the 9-10 year old program and spent his entire career coaching 9 and 10 year olds. In 1983 he became our Sponsorship Coordinator and raised thousands of dollars for the children of our league. He worked tirelessly to ensure that our teams had enough funding to meet their needs. Fred became an Honorary Life Member of the Hastings Community Little League Association in 1989, and passed away in 1991. The annual Fred Ritchie Minor tournament is held in his memory each year at HCLL.

Richard Saunders – Richard has volunteered in Little League since 1984 at both Trout Lake Litlle League and Hastings Community Little League and both of his sons played at Hastings. At HCLL, his coaching career included coaching the Rookie All-Star team in 1997. He became Vice-President in 1998 and served as President of the league from 1999 to 2008. During his time as President, he organized the winter and spring training programs and played a major role in building the batting cage, installing the electric scoreboard, building the concession stand, extending the dugouts on the main diamond and building the dugouts on the T-Ball diamond. 

He became Assistant District Administrator of BC Little League District 6 in 2005. Richard also worked hard to lead our efforts to proceed with a major renovation and upgrade of Hastings Field which took place in 2015. Richard was the Chair for the 2016 Canadian Little League Championship tournament that was hosted at Hastings Field. In recognition of his many years of volunteering in Little League baseball and community service , Richard was also awarded the Community Sport Hero Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal.

Dale Weisbrod – Dale is currently a board member at HCLL. Dale got started at Hastings helping to coach his grandson’s team in 2002. He continued to coach in all divisions through to 2010 and was a coach on the Major All-Star team that won the Canadian Little League Championship in 2009. Dale took on the role of Equipment Coordinator in 2009 and continues to put in many hours each season to ensure all our teams and players have all the necessary equipment and support.

John Wong – John is an ex board member and coached at Hastings Little League from 1996 to 2016. He coached at all levels with his three sons and one daughter all having played at Hastings. He was been coach on many All-Star teams including the 2012 and 2016 Major All-Stars who won the Canadian Little League Championship. John has also managed five Minor and Rookie All-Star teams including the 2011 Minor All-Stars who won the BC Provincial Championship.

Roy Wydeman – Roy was a long time board member and the website administrator for HCLL. he served from 2002 until 2016. Roy first got involved when his son and daughter first started playing baseball at Hastings and coached for two years. A proud moment came in 2005 when is daughter, Bronwyn was the first girl to be selected to a Hastings Minor All-Star team. He joined the Board and took over managing the league website in 2004 which he did until 2016.

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