Hastings Community Little League: All-Star and Select Teams

All-Star Teams and Age Specific Select Teams

DIVISION ALL-STAR TEAMS are selected for the Rookie, Minor and Major  divisions each season to compete in Little League tournaments after the regular season. 

The Rookie, Minor and Major All-Star teams will be eligible to play in
district, provincial and national championship tournaments as follows:

Rookie Division All-Stars - District 6 Rookie All-Star tournament.

Minor Division All-Stars - District 6 Minor All-Star tournament. District 6 tournament winner advances to play in the BC Minor Provincial Championship tournament.

Major Division All-Stars - District 6 Major All-Star tournament. District 6 tournament winner advances to play in the BC Major Provincial Championship tournament. BC Provincial tournament winner advances to play in the Canadian Little League Championship tournament. Canadian Champion advances to the Little League World Series in Williamposrt, Pennsylvania.

The All-Star teams will also play in various tournaments throughout June and July.

AGE SPECIFIC SELECT TEAMS may also be formed depending on the availability of coaches and tournaments in any given year. In the past we have had 7/8, 9, 10 and 11 year old Select teams represent HCLL in various tournaments  throughout June and July.

Communication and Timing of All-Star Team Selections     

A notice will be issued by the Division Coordinator regarding the tryout dates, times and locations for All-Star and Select teams in each division. District All-Star teams will be selected on or after the date specified by Little League International each year. Typically this date is not prior to June 15th.


All-Star and Select Team Fees

Any player chosen for an All-Star or Select team will be required to pay additional fees and a refundable uniform deposit. These fees will be based on any additional costs for the team such as clothing, etc. Parents will be required to provide two cheques; 1.) All-Star Fees 2.) Uniform Deposit. Please do not submit one cheque to cover both costs. 


Managers and Coaches

Managers of the All-Star and Select teams are selected by the HCLL Board based on written applications which are submitted for their review before June 1st each year. The appointed Managers will each be responsible for the All-Star and Select selections for their respective teams. The Manager will also select his/her assistant coaches which will be approved by the League President.


Any player may try out for any All-Star or Select team for which they are eligible to play based on their Little League age and residence eligibility requirements. For All-Star and Select team selection, you must play on a league team, live within the HCLL Little League boundaries and be of eligible Little League age for your division.

For All-Star teams  the age eligibility rules are as follows:

Rookie All-Stars  - Little League age of 7 or 8 years.

Minor All-Stars - Little League age of 9 or 10 years.
Also any Little League age 8 player who has participated as an eligible player in 60% of the regular season games in the Minor division this season is also eligible.

Major All-Stars - Little League age of 11 or 12 years. Also any Little League age 10 player who has participated as an eligible player in 60% of the regular season games in the Major division this season is also eligible

Select Teams - The eligible age will depend on the age category specified for each individual Select team.
It is mandatory that players play within their designated division and age group for either an All-Star or Select team.
Rookie age (8 year old) players who played up a division in Minor during the regular season are eligible to play on the Rookie All-Star team.
Minor age (10 year old) players who played up a division in Major during the regular season are eligible to play on the Minor All-Star team.                                                                                                  
Player Evaluation Process and Criteria
The player evaluation process will be a fair, unbiased and objective process that provides the Manager (Head Coach) with sufficient unbiased information to select the most competitive team possible while also providing HCLL with the greatest degree of transparency regarding the process for all players and parents involved. Players will be rated in a fair and unbiased manner by evaluators which may include current HCLL coaches, former HCLL coaches, League officials and other independent evaluators. The Manager may also gather relevant player information from other regular season HCLL coaches. 

Selection criteria includes: eligibility, availability, ability, skills, desire and specific team needs. The Manager may also need to consider positional requirements in selecting his/her team. Also considered in addition to baseball skills, is a players's behaviour throughout the entire baseball season and its' consistency with the Players Code of Conduct including a positive attitude, sportsmanship, teamwork and regular participation.

The post-season player evaluation results will be kept strictly confidential before, during and after the evaluation process except for the naming of players to the teams by the Manager.


Player Commitment to All-Star Teams

Players must commit fully to participating in all tournaments, exhibition games and practices. If you are NOT able to fully commit, please contact the All-Star Manager before attending the first tryout session and provide details of any scheduling conflicts. You can see the dates for the various District 6, Provincial and Canadian All-Star tournaments on the "Calendar & Events" page. There will also be other tournaments and/or exhibition games throughout June and July.

T-Ball All-Star Team
The T-Ball All-Star team is chosen by the T-Ball Division Coordinator and All-Star Manager with no tryouts being held. Input will be obtained from the regular season T-Ball coaches. Each tournament team will consist of a maximum roster of 12 players of league age (5 and 6) who played on a T-Ball team during the regular season.