Hastings Community Little League: Board of Directors
President Kevin Clegg - -  - SEND
1st Vice President James Krickan - - - SEND
2nd Vice President Jeremy Lovell - - - SEND
Past President Richard Saunders - - - ---
Treasurer Jane Cikes - - - SEND
Secretary Lina Perrotta - -  - SEND
Player Agent James Douglas - - - SEND
Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator Tara Rodas - - - SEND
Concession Coordinator Zoe Krickan - - - SEND
Volunteer Coordinator Roberta LaQuaglia - - - SEND
Umpire-In-Chief, Major & Minor Egidio Pasin - - - SEND
Umpire-In-Chief, Rookie James Krickan - - - SEND
Umpire Scheduler Krystle Kay - - - SEND
Major Division Coordinator Stacy Robertson - - - SEND
Minor Division Coordinator Heather Creamore - - - SEND
Rookie Division Coordinator Ryan Crago - - - SEND
T-Ball & Blastball Coordinator Brad Kram - - - SEND
Uniform Coordinator Ken Fong - - - SEND
Tournament Coordinator Eileen Tann - - - SEND
Website & Communication Coordinator Jordan Randall - - - SEND
Equipment Coordinator Dale Weisbrod - -  - SEND
Fall Ball Coordinator Ken Eliuk - - - ---
Safety Officer Ken Fong - -  - SEND
Scorekeeper Coordinator Zoe Krickan - - - ---
Grounds Maintenance Coordinator Dave Izatt - - - SEND

Notes and Minutes:
Hastings Little League Board Meeting - February (added February 15, 2017)

Meeting opened at 7:02pm

Attendance: Kevin Clegg, Richard Saunders, James Krickan, Krystle Kay, Zoe Krickan, Bob Heilker, Doreen Lee, James Douglas, Jane Cikes, Peter Jacoboni, Ken Fong, Frank Anselmo, Jitesh Mistry, Ryan Crago, Jeremy Lovell Regrets: Lina Perrotta, Dave Izatt, Dale Weisbrod, Peter Lattimer, Dan Tucci, Bill Brassington, Kin Mak

1. Accept the minutes from January 2017 • Motion made by Richard Saunders • Seconded by Ryan Crago • All in favor • No one opposed • Minutes approved

2. Financials – Jane Cikes • Financials not ready in time for meeting; deferred to next meeting • Motion to move to Quarterly Financial updates during the “off season” months of Sept – Feb. For March to August, financials will be provided on a monthly basis – Richard Saunders • Seconded by Jeremy Lovell • All in favor • No one opposed • Motion approved

3. 2017 Registration – James Douglas • 372 registered to date • 12 Blastball • 87 T-Ball • 123 Rookies • 95 Minors • 55 Majors

4. NCCP Training – Kin Mak • No update; Kin unable to attend meeting

5. Evaluations – James Douglas • Dates have been set • Jack & Shawn from 5Tool will be evaluating all Rookie, Minor, and Major players. The cost of having them do the Evaluations for HCLL will be absorbed in their In-Kind Sponsorship package • Each session will be an hour long with approx. 20 – 22 players per session • Evaluation schedule is as follows Date Div. # sessions Time Sat Feb. 18 Major 2 Noon – 2pm Wed Feb. 22 Rookie 2 6:45pm – 9pm Sat Feb. 25 Minor 2 2pm – 4pm Sun Feb. 26 Rookie 3 11am – 2pm Sun Feb. 26 Minor 2 7pm – 9pm • All sessions will be held at The Ballyard (Richmond) • Need volunteers to assist with Registering players on site o Feb. 18th – Volunteers: Ryan and Doreen o Feb 22nd – Volunteers: Jitesh, Ken, Ryan, & Kevin o Volunteers needed for all other sessions – contact James if available

6. Uniforms – Kevin Clegg • Finalizing design & price • Little League Canada has an agreement with Russell Athletics; we will leverage that agreement for pricing • 4 week lead time required

7. Blastball – Jeremy Lovell • Brad Kram has volunteered to head the program in terms of coaching and teaching the kids • Would like to have use of the Rookie diamond at 9am (for Blastball only)

8. Tournaments – Doreen Lee • Rookie Tournament again this year; Victoria Day Long Weekend o Will look into whether or not we can increase the number of teams participating in the tournament. Last year’s tournament had 8 teams participating. Very successful • HCLL may not host a Minor tournament during the regular season this year. We have a large number of regular season games to schedule in a very short period of time and we do not have the same umpiring resources as in past years. • Will likely have enough tournament invitations from other leagues to allow each of the four Major HCLL teams to take part in a tournament • Consideration to be given to the return of the Fred Ritchie Tournament ; having it in July for 9 Selects • A Little League association in Washington State is looking for a team from BC’s D6 to participate in a tournament in Washington in July. Doreen to look into the details of the tournament.

9. Opening Day • Parks Board o Exterior locks are being changed so that one key will work on all o Dave Izatt & Ryan Crago have submitted a Wish List to the Parks Board for items to help maintain the diamonds at Hastings Park • Tim Hortons o The Tims Coffee Truck will be onsite on Opening Day (April 1st) o Tim Hortons will provide the coffee & hot chocolate. Their staff will not handle cash o Motion to offer the drinks at no cost to our HCLL Community / Families – Richard Saunders o Seconded by James Krickan o All in favour o Motion approved

10. New Business • Peter brought in two new gloves (1 left; 1 right) to be used by HCLL as giveaways or raffles. Thank you Peter for the generous donation! • Board Members are asked to send out a written update of items to be brought up for discussion prior to future meetings. The intent of this is so everyone has the information ahead of time and can come prepared with any questions they may have. This will also help us get through our meetings quicker which will allow committees an opportunity to meet after the Board meetings. • Reminder for all Board Members to complete their Criminal Record Check. Information can be found on the HCLL website in the Coaches section

NEXT MEETING........March 7, 2017 @ 7pm Motion to adjourn – Richard Saunders Seconded by James Krickan All in favour Meeting adjourned at 8:12pm

Hastings Little League Board Meeting Room 9 – Hastings Community Centre J (added January 18, 2017)

Meeting opened at 7:03pm

Attendance: Kevin Clegg, Lina Perrotta, Dave Izatt, Dale Weisbrod, Peter Jacoboni, Ryan Crago, Jane Cikes, Peter Lattimer, Frank Anselmo, Doreen Lee, Jeremy Lovell, Jitesh Mistry, Dan Tucci, Bill Brassington, Ken Fong, Bob Heilker, James Krickan, Bob Heilker, Doreen Lee, James Douglas, Zoe Krickan, Krystle Kay Regrets: Richard Saunders

1. Accept the minutes from December 2016 * Motion made by Doreen Lee * Seconded by Frank Anselmo * All in favor * No one opposed * Minutes approved

2. Financials – Jane Cikes * Not Available for Online Viewing * As of January 1 both accounts were combined * $11775k G&F grant – will go towards batting cage * Bank account sitting at approx. $80k * Motion to approve financials – Bill Brassington * Seconded by James Krickan * All in favor * No one opposed * Financials approved

3. 2017 registration – James Douglas * 305 registered to date * 103 = rookies/87 = minors/50 = majors/59 = tball/6 = blast ball * In person registration – Wednesday Feb 1 and Saturday Feb 4, 2017 * Pamphlets – 4000 to go out to schools * James Douglas to deliver to Lord Nelson school * Krystle to deliver to Franklin, Hastings and Begbie schools * Bill Brassington to deliver to Thunderbird * Peter Jacoboni to deliver to Our Lady of Sorrows * Jane Cikes to deliver to Holy Cross * Kin Mak to deliver to St. Francis Xavier * Lina Perrotta to deliver to St. Francis of Assisi * Neil Cusati to deliver to remaining catholic elementary schools

4. Evaluations * To be held at 5 tool indoor facility – Feb 18 and 25th, 2017 from 10:30-6 * Smaller groups – shorter session * HCLL to run drills * 5 tool to evaluate * Registration will be closed on February 15, 2017

5. Winter Training – James Douglas * Going on now * Minor and major well attended * Rookie session not big response

6. Coaches Training – NCCP – Kin Mak * February 25, 2017 at Hastings community centre * HCLL coaches are free * AM session is Initiation clinic * PM session is Planning clinic * Need to complete online course to be eligible for this training * ***work on evaluation date to accommodate NCCP training*** * Motion by Jitesh: to pay for NCCP training in Langley for Coach "X" * Seconded by: James Krickan * No one in favor * All opposed * Motion defeated unanimously

7. Batting Cage * Netex will be supplier * Frank Anselmo to get quote on metal sheeting for batting cage * Tarp to cover batting cage quote is $3k * Batting cage should be ready for approx. mid February

8. New Uniforms * Wish list * Kevin has samples * T-shirts limited in color * Dry fit, 2 button shirt with Hastings across front and number in front and back max price would be $21/shirt * Kevin will finalize prices for new uniforms and send to board

9. Opening Day * April 1, 2017 @ 10am * No games * Photo day * Pitch, Hit and Run – which is open to community o Different age groups o All participants need to register/sign in day of o 3 stages: Pitch, Hit and Run 1. Break down by age group 2. Someone recording results 3. Needs Manager to run event and approx. 10 volunteers 4. Peter Lattimer and division co-ordinators to organize and manager Pitch, Hit and Run

10. Photo Day – Kin Mak * HCLL will go with Darby Photo’s this season * They do everything – they only require team roster from Hastings * Company has been around for approx. 20 years * No complaints * 1 year contract = memory mate $3.40/child * 3 year contract = memory mate $2.99/child * Kin Mak motioned for a 3 year contract with Darby Photos * Bill Brassington seconded * All in favor * 2 opposed – Peter Lattimer and Dan Tucci * Motion carried * Opening ceremony committee: Kevin Clegg, Peter Lattimer, James Douglas, James Krickan and Kin Mak * Fund raising? - Krispy Creme * Concessions * Todd Deacon will sell shirts * Games will start on April 2

11. New Business * James Douglas is putting together newsletter to send out to parents to keep them up to date on the goings on at Hastings Little League. If anyone would like to contribute to contact James Douglas directly.

NEXT MEETING........February 7, 2017 @ 7pm

Board of Directors Roles & Responsibilities (added November 26, 2011)
To see a complete description of the roles and responsibilities of each Board Member, please refer to the Board of Directors folder on the "Forms and Documents" link on the homepage.