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MARCH 20, 2023

The Hastings Concession Needs You!

The Hastings Concession Needs You!

Hastings Little League

Hello all, The Hastings Concession Needs You!

Volunteer and Part Time Employment Opportunities available

We are looking for volunteers willing to commit to a weeknight, or a shift on Saturdays and Sundays to keep the concession open for all games played Richard Saunders and Volunteer Fields at Hastings Community Park. The Concession volunteer would help support the parent volunteers for each game, and/or take on some responsibility for helping to set-up and close down the concession at each game. On game days, we welcome anyone who can spare some time to come help us out on the spot. 

As well, do you know someone who might be looking for a part time job over the spring and summer baseball season? We are looking for responsible, friendly and keen part-time seasonal concession workers to staff our outdoor concession. Your responsibilities will be the preparation and serving of fast food and beverages and other related duties as required. Please note this is a paid opportunity.

Also we are a lot of fun and a great way to get to know your community.
Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Friday 5.30 - 8 or 8.30pm
Saturday and Sunday 8.30 to 2.30 and 2.30 to 8.30pm
Job Duties:
-  Assist and set up the concession stand before the day of games and events  and help in food prep, i.e. wrapping or traying hot dogs, setting up the condiments stations, stocking of candy, chips and other food items.
- Takes guests’ food orders, assembles orders, and cashes out the transaction using the POS system.
- Handles cash sales and credit card transactions while maintaining accurate cash handling procedures at all times, ringing all sales into the register.
- Provides great customer service by interacting with patrons in a pleasant and professional manner.
- Helps with the concession stand close down after games/ practices and clean up upon closing, i.e. cleaning condiment counter, wiping down front counter and equipment.
- Properly stores food by applying food safety policies and procedures.
- Replenishes food items and ensures product is stocked to appropriate levels.
If you are interested in participating on the Concession committee, please email us at info@hcll.ca with your contact information, your interest, or any questions you may have.
Kind Regards,
Hastings Executive Committee

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